Monday, July 21, 2014

Needles and Pins and household chores ~

Needles and Pins
Needles and Pins….
When a Witch marries
...her Trouble Begins ~

Being a farm witch is no easy task ~
everyday there are many chores to do…
"I'm gathering fallen twigs to make our brooms,
then sweeping the dust & cobwebs from my farmhouse"

Making sure to talk to our trees ~
and listening to what they have to say in return…

"…so I said…"she has GOT to be kidding,
...going out in public with her petticoat showing like that…"

 Gathering cobwebs from the barn 
to use in our spinning, weaving & lacemaking…

"left over right, under and over, right over left & back again ~"

 Foraging & Gathering for our food ~

"…would you prefer toadstool tartlets or fungi fricassee for supper tonight dearie?…"

and of course, it's no easy task keeping the home-fires burning
... to cook a stew or dye some linen & wool ~ 

boil bubble toil & trouble...

The most important thing for a farm witch to remember, is to take time out for herself ~
all work and no play makes us very terse and irritable:
so remember to PLAY!!!!

{all photos courtesy of Pinterest ~ except that last one ~ yeah, that is me….}

Brightest Blessings ~


Kathy Barrick said...

You are such a wonderful witch!!!

Debra W said...

Love the witchy photos, Lori, especially the one with the bobbin-lace, and yours, of course!

Raymond Homestead said...

Love the photos, especially the last one, you make a pretty good looking witch Lori!

Jeanne said...

Oh, I'm going to enjoy this!

Kathleen Woodbury said...

A most lovely witch, that last one!

So much more to read....