Thursday, August 8, 2013

I'll Fly Away ~

where is my broom...anyway?
...never is it where I left it.
Witch's broom
it has a mind of it's own...
Midnight run at Halloween by *LadyCarnal
has someone else borrowed it?
vintage halloween24
is she a Good Witch like me?
Autumn kitties on witch's broom
or have the kittens found it again...
Vintage witch
"hold still and let me on!"
All Hallow's Evening🍁🌙(looks like my farmhouse)
"ahhhh....that's better ~"
nothing like the feel of Autumn air in my hair
and the smell of woodsmoke ~
off we go then!
above the farmhouse & woods...
...through the moon's glow and 'round again ~
soaring high & dipping low!!
up above the mustard & crimson maple trees...
tiny Blackbirds ~
follow me!
{{{Pictures courtesy of Pinterest}}}
Blessed be!

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Wendy S. said...

Merry Meet!

Just found your blog today and have to say...I love it! This post made me happy.

So much more to read....