Tuesday, July 7, 2015

a little witch-stitchin' ~

perusing Pinterest since I'm under-the-weather ~
making a list of which witch-stitch things 
...I would like to add to my growing collection!

I do have a pair of these ~

crone scissors

I would love to wear this!

antique crepe paper party dress ca 1930's

and then there's these....


and the twitching of my thumbs...

loverly sterling thimble

and a few more pins for
Good Luck

I would have to have all of the scissors below.

one pair is not enough!

oh what the heck...
....toss in a few of these, too ~

bakelite black cat face button

~ and another ~

what's in your witch-stitching basket??

Blessed be!

Friday, July 3, 2015

Through the Garden Gate….

~ A walk in the garden...
….does the Spirit Goode ~

join me, won't you?

I love old garden gates ~
they hold many secrets.

this one is so very elegant...

...and this one welcomes us down a path…
to where I wonder?

This gate, below, 
was salvaged from old bedsprings and rusty-things…
I adore it!

The pitted spires on the iron gate below 
seems to foretell of something
ominous ahead…

do we dare enter?
I'll go first!

this gate below is beautiful with it's chipped & rusted white paint ~
perfect for a farm witch…

like me!

**{{All Photos Courtesy of Pinterest}}**

~ Blessed be ~

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Witch's Garden ~

{{photos courtesy of Pinterest}}

Blessed be!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Apothecary ~

Used to be,
that when in need of medicine or beauty products
we would walk to our local Apothecary….

in my mind I imagine them to be dimly-lit & clove-scented ~
quiet, dark & cool...

we would discreetly ask the pharmacist or druggist
for the perfect remedy for our situation…

were you suffering from hysteria? 
bad nerves? baldness perhaps?
was your child unruly, coughing & colic-y?

try this:

beautifully bottled and displayed, but
most medicines contained cocaine, morphine, strychnine…

were you too skinny? 
then you needed:

loverly labels
 a visit to your local apothecary would ensure you a cure for your ailment…

Tooth Powders, Pastes, Rub & Ointments ~ Anchovy Paste too!

in our homes, we would also have 
medicine cabinets
stocked to overfilling with the latest & greatest cure-alls at arms reach…


... long gone are the beautiful Spencerian scripted prescriptions 
penned by our pharmacist's hand ~
today's medications are called in over the phone, emailed or faxed
then bottled up in an amber colored plastic bottle…

be careful with this one….you might either get drunk or die.

Blessed be!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Remember Me ~

When I am Dead
and In the Ground
And all my Bones are Rotten…
Remember Me
when This you See
Lest I should be

the Victorian people celebrated the lives of their beloved deceased
by combining their hair into beautiful wreaths ~

~ Jewelry that contained bits of hair, 
a photograph 
or sentiment of the deceased
was worn in remembrance of them...

Widows would dress in 'Full Mourning' clothes
...for the full first year of their husband's departure ~

Families would often be photographed facing backwards ~
in respect for the belief that your face should not be seen during mourning ~

Strange, but comforting rituals 
that have themselves,
...been laid to rest….

{photographs courtesy of Pinterest}

Blessed be!