Monday, July 21, 2014

"Smudge" ~ a little witch bear


...made by me from sparse soot-hued mohair
that has been plucked & distressed even more…

antique German blown-glass eyes in a beautiful amber color ~

pumpkin colored velvet crone's cap with vintage ribbon and rusty pin/bell.

measures approx. 11 inches from tip of hat to point of toe.
arms & legs are string/button jointed for slight pose-ability ~

~ black thread nose has been waxed ~

stuffed with old cotton batting for an early feel…

antique clock-key on a tiny checkered ribbon hangs from Smudge's neck…
{sits well, can be propped to stand}
$138.00 w/ free shipping 
~ to a good home only.
SOLD thank you kindly
**one only, one of a kind, not intended for children...but for the child in us all** 

email me at to adopt
Blessed be!


Anonymous said...

Sew Cute! Love the name Smudge

annieL said...

Smudge is so sweet and I really love her eyes.

Anonymous said...

Lori, I love this blog.
I hope to see more here soon!


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