Monday, September 21, 2009

Welcome Autumn ~

See the leaves around us falling,
dry & wither'd to the ground:
Thus to thoughtless Mortals calling
In a sad and solemn sound.
On the Tree of Life eternal,
Man let all thy hopes be staid:
Which alone for ever vernal,
Bears a leaf that shall not fade
from a sampler by Jane Scott
aged 16yrs. dated 1837

A Beautiful time of year, Autumn is...
a time when the Earth sheds it's green silk clothing
for a shroud of coarse wool.
I revel in it's crackling air
and how the way a crsip Morning makes me feel alive.
I will begin my 'Fall Cleaning"...

I'm not one to "Spring Clean"
I tend to spruce up the house
as the leaves litter the ground around me.

I have rituals to perform...
(yes, even taking out last year's Halloween decorations are rituals, you see...)
everyone has rituals to perform...always.
even the simple daily tasks that we undertake subconciously are rituals.
but also I will ready the stoves and kindling baskets ~
mend the quilts and darn the woolens.
I will cleanse the house again with sage-smoke,
and ask the Universe for
it's positive protection for Health & Prosperity...

I will offer in turn, not only my Thanks,
but leave bowls of clear water on the doorstep
for the little woodland creatures skittling about
readying their very own larder.

I will retire Old Brooms with dignity by Burning them,
thanking them for their
common Industry,
and Magickal work.
I will open all windows and doors and ask that the farmhouse be cleansed by the
Chilly morning air,
and then snugly close them up again at Dusk ~
...before retiring to my favorite Stitching chair next to the woodstove.
I will gather acorns from the mighty Oaks,
...walnuts from our own trees~
I will pick now-dead flower heads from our gardens
and seeds from our dried vegetables and I will store them in glass jars...
not only to provide nourishment for my family in the Spring,
but to symbolize my Harvest of Good Things.
and I will again, and always, prepare a night-time Bath...
hot & steaming and sprinkled with
Cinnamon (for prosperity),
Lavender (for healing),
Salt (for purity),
and Mint (for creative energy)
and I will soak away all of the stress
from this Past Summer that may still be trapped
inside me
...letting it go and sponging up the Positive....
readying myself for a Turn of the Wheel.....
May your Autumn be filled with All Things Goode.
Blessed be, my Friends~


Honorablyfallen said...

Blessed Be ! I am cleaning here as well. and gathering up my knitting to settle into those chilly, wonderful nights!

William Bezek said...

Poetry of the Seasons! What a nice post!

So much more to read....