Friday, September 18, 2009

....with a wave of my Magick Wand ~

oh I WISH it were that easy...
yes, I actually do have a Magick wand.
one used for spells and divination.
one I made myself from Ash wood, quartz crystals, feathers and leather...
it is a pretty one!
but alas,
it will not clean the cat-boxes, do the dishes or sort the laundry.
(believe me, I've tried.)
I just have to rely on the fact that if I want something done, I do it myself.
and that is actually a Good Thing, Martha~
one feels a sense of self-accomplishment...
not that outside help from family & friends isn't appreciated,
no...on the contrary...
generosity is golden.
it's just that when I set about doing something
(read: cleaning and decorating this shop, getting ready for tomorrow's show)
and have finally finished, and can breathe a long-winded *sigh* of relief...
that's when I feel most powerful. tired, but powerful nonetheless.
With that said,
I invite you to visit my other blog:

to see pictures of this shop
all ready & dressed in it's
Primitive Hallow's Eve

May your Wand be ever-charged with all things Positive and Creative!!!

Blessed be!

Lori <:-)

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