Sunday, August 10, 2014

Remember Me ~

When I am Dead
and In the Ground
And all my Bones are Rotten…
Remember Me
when This you See
Lest I should be

the Victorian people celebrated the lives of their beloved deceased
by combining their hair into beautiful wreaths ~

~ Jewelry that contained bits of hair, 
a photograph 
or sentiment of the deceased
was worn in remembrance of them...

Widows would dress in 'Full Mourning' clothes
...for the full first year of their husband's departure ~

Families would often be photographed facing backwards ~
in respect for the belief that your face should not be seen during mourning ~

Strange, but comforting rituals 
that have themselves,
...been laid to rest….

{photographs courtesy of Pinterest}

Blessed be!


susan hemann said...

I have seen a lot of mourning jewelry. I did not know about the photos though. Thank you

Bobbie said...

Wonderful post, Lori! I have never seen such beautiful jewelry! Never really knew about "mourning jewelry". Sad, but so beautiful...thank you...

Mary A said...

I had never heard of facing backwards for a photograph! Thanks, Lori!

Unknown said...

I wanna visit Midnight midnight!!

So much more to read....