Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Apothecary ~

Used to be,
that when in need of medicine or beauty products
we would walk to our local Apothecary….

in my mind I imagine them to be dimly-lit & clove-scented ~
quiet, dark & cool...

we would discreetly ask the pharmacist or druggist
for the perfect remedy for our situation…

were you suffering from hysteria? 
bad nerves? baldness perhaps?
was your child unruly, coughing & colic-y?

try this:

beautifully bottled and displayed, but
most medicines contained cocaine, morphine, strychnine…

were you too skinny? 
then you needed:

loverly labels
 a visit to your local apothecary would ensure you a cure for your ailment…

Tooth Powders, Pastes, Rub & Ointments ~ Anchovy Paste too!

in our homes, we would also have 
medicine cabinets
stocked to overfilling with the latest & greatest cure-alls at arms reach…


... long gone are the beautiful Spencerian scripted prescriptions 
penned by our pharmacist's hand ~
today's medications are called in over the phone, emailed or faxed
then bottled up in an amber colored plastic bottle…

be careful with this one….you might either get drunk or die.

Blessed be!


Anonymous said...

"most medicines contained cocaine, morphine, strychnine…"

So even if they didn't cure you, you wouldn't care very much. Is this perhaps applicable to the old saying that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger?

Beautiful pictures as always!

Ginny K

Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

I guess so Ginny!!!!!

Ellen in Oregon said...

Such beauty where craft & artistry meet purpose & function. Loved the photos you used. They serve the subject so perfectly.
My grandfather started his surgery practice around 1922. My Mom told me that he used to say "People go to the pharmacist to get medical advice & a cure. They go to the hospital prepared to die". I guess that was pretty true back then. Antibiotics & vaccines would not be invented for almost 3 decades.
Did you know 7-Up was originally contained a good amount of Lithium and was advertised as being able to improve one's mood.
I saw a show a while back about how to find these antique pharmacy bottles. They are quite collectible & rare colored glass ones go for over $3,000+. Apparently, you have to find the spot where the outhouse used to be located and dig there. I don't think that is a hobby I'll take up any time soon.
Thanks for a great post.

Nancy D. said...

I love that dress, too…;)

So much more to read....