Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hi-ho the Dairy-O, a hookin; we will go...

Here is Mizz Pat Cross...
peeking out from behind
her stunningly bewitching hooked rug...

her colors are gorgeous, her work-woman-ship
is impeccable and her finishing, well,
let's just say it's perfect....

the witch's skin (wool) was hand-dyed by Pat,
and her attention to detail is obvious in the subtle nuances of wool colors.
...she even incorporated a vintage Skeleton Key as a necklace!

(pattern name is "Sunflower Witch"... adaptation of a Notforgotten Farm design,
and available for sale at: )

and here are the fabrics I purchased after our Hook in' today~
don't you just adore that orange & black hallowe'en fabric?
can't wait to start dreaming up little quilt designs with these, too....

Blessed be!


Robin said...

I NEED that fabric...for what I do not know, but I like it muches!! Maybe we should take a Ben Franklin trip after the show!!

Love Ya,

Orange Sink said...

Now THAT is a great rug! Love your designs Lori!
Cathy G

Jeanne said...

Hi Lori,
I tried to subscribe to this blog through Bloglines, but it told me that there are no RSS feeds. Would it be possible for you to change your settings so the feeds are available? (I'm subscribed to your Notforgotten Farm blog already, so that one has the feeds open.)
Thanks ~ Jeanne

Monique said...

Such wonderful work and fabrics, wish I could have been there !!!

Doris said...

Wow wow wow I love Pat Cross's rug. This is a really neat blog. Your life sounds like so much fun!'

DK Spins said...

What a wonderful adaptation of your design & how cool to be with Ms. Pat Cross! I learned to hook from her book Purely Primitive. Love the fabbies too. Have fun being the creative witchy that you are! BB, Dianne in UT

*retro-rudolphs* said...

Lori, all those fabrics are gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing what you do with them.