Monday, July 19, 2010

408 years....

Witch Hunt
by Alastair Adamson

I am innocent
I am innocent
Please release me,
for I am innocent
Before that day in front ofThe Magistrate
I swear I had never seen those girls before
I know not their names nor ages
Where they live or their families
I am innocent
All today the axes spoke
Rough discourses with each tree felled
There is but one punishment for the crime
I have been accused of
And my memory replays the sickly odor
It's dark in here
I am innocent
The axes stopped,
the oxen stopped
Time stopped
And upon the conflicting testimonies
Of three young ladies
I was led to the pyre
For the blasphemous crime
Of Witchcraft...
on July 19th, 1692
in Salem, Mass.
Rebecca Nurse
...was hanged to death.

her condemnation was Witchcraft ~
she was 71 yrs old.

Lest we never forget...
Blessed be!

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Finegan Antiques said...

Not a bright spot in our history. Intolerence and fear can do so much damage.


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