Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sewing Needfuls and Old Beliefs~

For years, I've collected sewing needfuls...
pincushions, make-do's, scissors, thimbles,...etc.
I recently received an email from my friends Sherry regarding a pair of
antique Salem Witch souvenir scissors on ebay~
Soooo, without hesitation, i bid.

Needless to say, the scissors were fabulous, and went for over $200.00
~ slightly (ahem) out of my budget.

Sherry was kind enough to search out ebay, as she is known to do, and found a pair of replica
Salem Witch scissors, for just $39.00!
I hit that Paypal button lickety-split
and hopefully will have my shiny little scissors
in my needy little hands very soon!


Now, here are some OLD beliefs pertaining to Witches...
(but we know these are just Folk Tales)
...don't we,... my pretties???

A Witch can also be called a hag or crone, words associated with lone women.
... even though there were male witches,
the word is still most associated with the female sex.

Witches can fly - an explanation for quick movement across impossible distances.
the broomstick is added, as it was a common tool of women.

Old crones or hags, with no male partner, were often accused of being a Witch.

A woman living alone, especially in the woods, was (is) considered a Witch.

Lone women with pets, especially cats, were considered Witches with a familiar.
The pet was considered helpful in casting spells...

Wise women, with knowledge of herbs, were considered Witches,
especially if they brewed their remedies over a caldron.
...these women frequently had knowledge of mandrake, monkshood,
belladonna, and hemlock,
items that could be dangerous in ignorant hands.
Now, I'm off to weed my garden, then stitch some samplers...
maybe I'll concoct a little 'something' in my kitchen tonight from my fresh herbs....
or stain my samplers with black walnuts...
I will definitely haunt my mailbox until my scissors come!!!!

Wishing you all Peace & Prosperity


softinthehead said...

I thoroughly loved this Lori....Being one who follows the old beliefs I enjoyed seeing these in print on your blog. Blessed Be to you as well....Pam

Anonymous said...

Hi Lori,
I love reading your blogs. So much great info. If anyone wants a pair of these witch scissor, they can be found on I have the "smiling cat" scissors.
Looking forward to your next post.

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