Monday, July 27, 2009

Inspiration ~

I find inspiration for my Halloween Folk Art
everywhere I look here at the Farm...
spritely faces greet me at every turn,
offering sweet, yet unspoken advice.
...everyday objects somehow take on a magickal persona
of their own in the changing light of the day...

...something's always brewing here...
even the weeds are happy!!

my creative path takes me many places each day~
sometimes it's only as far as my own backyard,
but that alone offers me hidden secrets of this old homeplace's past...

unearthed ball jars hold memories in their green/blue glass
and the woods seem to whisper of bright days to come.

...being surrounded by woods and fields can nurture anyone's artistic abilities,
and having a sense of connection with Mother Earth positively inspires me...
Wishing for you the very same.
*Blessed Be, my Friends*


~Judy~ said...

Love your inspiration pictures!

Mariah said...

the cauldron is perfect, love it.

So much more to read....