Sunday, July 8, 2018

Dear Mrs. Pomfret ~

Such a green thumb you have dear woman ~
what magick you must posess to be able to grow tomato pincushions!!

a whopper of a one you have there m'dear....
is that yours perhaps?
or will you gift it to a neighbor ~ such a kind woman you are.

and I see your spool vine is prolific this year as well!
what, five colorful spools of thread growing there ~

kindly share your secrets with me,
is it patience and love that keeps all growing so well?
must be...

so proud,
yet humble you are Dear Mrs. Pomfret ~
 ... and I am so very happy to know you.

Blessed be!


Doreen Frost said...

She is magical ~ she practically jumps off the page she is so real. :)

Patti said...

Oh how I love this! I am oh so hoping that she may become notecards! I just love her and her garden. If she ever becomes available, please let me know.
Blessings, Patti

Anonymous said...

There she is, all filled out in color! What a precious idea, the spool tree and that pin cushion tomato!

Susan Hemann said...

lovely painting!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, I love this, beautifully written and illustrated,, magic indeed!

Sandra said...

Just magical!!!

NMK said...

Love this !!! So whimsical !!!! !!!!

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