Tuesday, July 7, 2015

a little witch-stitchin' ~

perusing Pinterest since I'm under-the-weather ~
making a list of which witch-stitch things 
...I would like to add to my growing collection!

I do have a pair of these ~

crone scissors

I would love to wear this!

antique crepe paper party dress ca 1930's

and then there's these....


and the twitching of my thumbs...

loverly sterling thimble

and a few more pins for
Good Luck

I would have to have all of the scissors below.

one pair is not enough!

oh what the heck...
....toss in a few of these, too ~

bakelite black cat face button

~ and another ~

what's in your witch-stitching basket??

Blessed be!


denise said...

Cute stuff!

Barbara said...

Love all the withcy thing! I can see it may be a new collection for me!!

jaz@octoberfarm said...

i have a sterling cauldron pin cushion, a bakelite broom needlecase, the vintage witch scissors and a witch thimble but not the daniel lowe one you showed. i love this stuff!

Barb said...

Love all those wonderful witchy things. I have dedicated my craft room to Fall/ Halloween/ Witchy things!! I love being in that space!

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