Sunday, July 25, 2010 the pricking of my thumbs....

...something WICKED this way comes!!
you betcha...
...the pricking of my thumbs,
fingers other parts...
when I'm
I never can seem to complete one project
stabbing myself somewhere....
have I ever told you the story of my lost felting needle at a class I was teaching?
uh huh...looked everywhere for it...
except my chair.
oh yeah...found that needle real quick!
I'm working on a few pieces for eBay...should have them ready this week.
in the meantime,
I did list that little Hallowe'en Quilt:
...please take a peek if you're so inclined!!
I'm off to grab a nice bowl of Mint Chocolate Chip/Fudge Brownie ice cream (Edy's)
THEE BEST in this bothersome heat!
Blessed be!


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