Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Witch's Garden...

Come sit a spell with me in my garden, won't you?...
Purple Coneflower

Blessed Thistle

Wild Mint & Yarrow

Brown Eyed Suzy's


Scarlet Bee Balm

everything is so lush ~
...a quiet place to meditate and dream...
Blessed be!


Finegan Antiques said...

What a lovely garden! So peaceful. It calls to me to come and sit and spend some time. You really have a green thumb.


Linda said...

Your garden is just so pretty, what a wonderful spot to just enjoy. I've never seen Scarlet Bee Balm, love it and the name too...hugs, Linda

Rue said...

Just lovely! Very magical garden you have!

~Judy~ said...

Very nice Lori. Bee Balm is one of my favorites.....I have lots of it.

Monique said...

Such wonderful flowers. Great pictures !!!
I love the bee balm. I've got the same you have, only in The Netherlands they aren't in bloom yet. We haven't had a lot of sunshine and it is still very cold here, maybe because of the vulcano outburst in Iceland. We have had trouble with the dustclouds, so they may be playing with the weather too ; )
Have a wonderful day.