Thursday, April 15, 2010

Poppets and Dolls ~

I haven't made a doll in forever!

I have been itching to make one, so here she is:

she's what's known in my 'circle' (no pun intended)
~ as a Poppet...

A Poppet is a doll or effigy made for spell-casting.

usually, the doll represents the person for who the spell is cast.
The doll is carefully made for the person,
using bits & scraps of fabrics from the person, and are sewn into the doll.
...certain, herbs, stones or crystals may be added as well, to adorn the poppet.

I tend to make my dolls for the purpose
of protecting the house from fire, intruders, interlopers or other catastophes,
and I even charge them to bring luck, health & prosperity to their new owners!!

Back in the late 1970's early 80's,
you could usually find a
"Kitchen Witch"
hanging in the kitchen of your mom,gramma, aunt or a friend's mom...
~ these little, colorfully babushka-bedecked babes rode on a small broom
made from broom corn, and were usually hung near a window above the kitchen sink...
(you couldn't go to a craft fair without passing a booth full of them!)
I even had one in my first kitchen ~ she wore a red calico dress and a bright yellow babushka...
she danced and swayed to the sweetly scented breeze through my garden-facing kitchen window...
(Hmmm...I wonder where she is....)

Folk Artisans make all types of dolls...some call them poppets,
... but if they aren't charged, they're just dolls.
{please take no offense!!}
some are carved from wood, most are sculpted from air dry paperclay,
but I like to make small, 'tuckable' litte poppets from fabrics,
that can set nicely in a cupboard, box or basket.
I tend to decorate my old farmhouse in a primitive way,
and know that most of you do too,
so my little dolls reflect that look...

This little witch that you see above will be available this evening on ebay~
...She is a Hedgewitch.

A Hedgewitch will bring you luck and help your Gardens to flourish!!
(just don't place her near the mint...LOL!)

of course, if anyone would like a personal Poppet,
I'm just an email away!!!

Blessed be!


Constance said...

I remember the kitchen witches and remember having one but I'm not sure where she went?? I love the poppet and I do so enjoy your posts. I hadn't heard the term Hedgewitch since I was little and I loved your post about it last year. I had two great aunts that were Hedgewitches and well I guess it runs in the family. Thank you for for bright reminders that bring back precious memories.
Bright blessings,

Rue said...

She is lovely!

I remember those kitchen witches too. I'm sure my grandmother had one!

Sherry aka AutumnTurtle said...

oh Lori I LOVE IT!! A must for any witch honey!! how much????

MarZel said...

Your doll is great....but the new blog look is fab!!

Cotton Eyed Jo said...

Loved the story of the little girl who finds a home with the crow and owl...

had a kitchen witch myself why did I ever let her leave?

dearest, I've missed reading your blogs, glad this one is back, and loved reading about your lilacs, glas treasures and Hannah's upcoming prom tomorrow night... blessed be Jo

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