Sunday, April 11, 2010 favorite scissors...

these are my spider-web scissors...
they are by far, my absolute favorite!!!

I carry these in my shop, and I have been making fobs for them too...
I will be opening up a new etsy shop where I will sell them, along with other
Needful Things for the Witchy-Needlewoman !!!
Stay tuned!!!

Blessed be!


Carin said...

I have seen these spider-web scissors and I love them. Do have haven't seen them in the Netherlnads :S
I love the fobs you are making for them and this Witchy-Needlewoman will watch out for your new etsy shop !!

Lori said...

Thanks Carin!
I'll post the shop's opening soon!!
Blessed be~

Barbara from California said...

I read your Farm Blog daily and love it because it transports me to a place of calm and a reminder of what's really, friends and keeping stitching, whatever the medium, alive for future generations. Was really happy to take a look at Midnight Farm which will also be another favorite. Thank you for finding and taking the time to share of yourself and your many talents. You are truly a very blessed lady and an inspiration.