Tuesday, September 8, 2009

An Early Autumn Walk...

Ah well, so it's not quite Autumn yet...
it doesn't matter to me that it's only September 8th~
It's Autumn in my Heart year 'round.

Today is quite like a perfect Fall day to me...

cool, rainy, and overcast...
With yellow leaves swirling gently to the damp ground,
& acorns gently falling to the soft woodland floor.

I decided to take a walk in the falling weather to recharge my internal batteries...
there's nothing quite like the scent of the cool, wet earth and leaves to lift my spirits high,
and get my creative juices flowing...
I always come back to the farmhouse feeling energized, yet relaxed and soothed.
I am reveling in the knowing that soon the weather will bring
sweaters, jeans and my beloved boiled-woolen clogs!!
I gathered some twigs, branches and leaves on my walk to decorate my home,
and after having a nice cup of hot apple-cider,
I will smudge the farmhouse with sage ~
psychically cleansing it from top to bottom.
Smudging is the act of burning incense or other herbs,
with White Sage being the most common...
the sage blesses and sanctifies, releasing/dispelling/repelling negativity
and adding protection to the home or environment...
to do this, you will need:
* a smudge-stick, or bundle of dried organic sage
(this can be found in most Natural Foods stores, or on etsy)

*a metal pot (preferably a small cauldron)
*matches or lighter
*large bird feather (preferably one that found you)
begin by lighting the smudge-stick (or, place dried herbs in metal container) and set on fire...
blow a couple of times GENTLY on embers to create a mindful smoke..
wave the smoke with the bird feather, directing it into every corner of your home, starting on the top floor and finishing in the basement/cellar
...making sure to include closets, cupboards and other closed spaces...
(I know this sounds like alot of effort, but it is working Magick, after all!)
While you are doing this, visualize Peace, Prosperity, Health, Happiness coming into your home,
and Negativity, Hurt, Sickness/Illness, etc, leaving your house...
It will get smokey in the house, so you will want to run a fan to help the smoke clear.
while the smoke clears, sit quietly and thank the house for it's protection from the weather,
for it's warmth from the cold, for it's shelter for your family...
once grounded, you may then open the windows and let in fresh air.
I assure you that you will feel a noticable change in the atmosphere of the home !!!...
you can smudge anytime you like, but I do it every full moon, after overnight guests have left
...oh, and after having family 'discussions' that may have gotten a little loud and heated! LOL!
(hey, I do have a teenage daughter ya know!)
Hoping your days are filled with Magick!!

Blessed be,


Honorablyfallen said...

Awe how wonderful!..I am about to get a few smudge sticks off etsy.. Its wonderful how we can use the computer to connect to people with our similar interests .. how lovely it is! _Sarahlynn

Honorablyfallen said...

Hey BTW I have no idea how to send a message or if you can on blogger lol , I'm way new to it . if ya could fill me in, but to answer your question I'm from Ivor its a village of 320 people right outside Hampton roads :) - Blessed be

Diva Kreszl said...

Sounds like a wonderful idea...I think I still have some unused sage from my trip to Sedona, now where did I put that???

Lori said...

Sarah, you can email me anytime at thedancingwitch@aol.com !!

Constance said...

I'm glad to see you are back online! We missed you. Thank you for the walk through the forest. We aren't getting much color here but there is a trace of autumn in the air. I enjoyed reading about the cleansing; I used to do this from time and definately need to make it a practice again.

Blessed be friend.

William Bezek said...

You live in a beautiful area!

Tracy M. said...

I'm going to have to try this. I have heard of it but never knew exactly how to do it. Thank you and have a great week.
Tracy P.S I also LOVE Autumn!