Tuesday, August 18, 2009


there's nothing I love more, than hunting for treasures
to use as props for my Halloween decorating!
I found this styrofoam skull at Michaels' for 4.99
and this awesome silver-plated candlabra at an antiques shop for 14.00!!

Both will accompany me on my trip to Michigan in October,
for the Ghoultide Gathering show...
Now I am looking for some really neat little candles to go in it...
I am trying to find those black tapers that have the orange switl going around them..
like candy-canes, you know?
Anyone out there know where I can buy 4 of them??
Blessed be!


magikalseasons said...

Great finds! I'm not sure where to find those candles. I'm excited about Ghoultide it's in my neck of the woods! Can't wait to see all you wonderful artists and your art!:) Becca

Constance said...

I bought a candalabra very much like this one a few weeks back. I was thinking I might drape spider webs over it. I'm starting to like the old tarnished silver pieces but I really don't have anywhere to display them. I have no idea where to find those candles but I'd love to see it when you finish.

jaz said...

hi...just found you and love your blog. i think you might like mine too so check it out when you have time. make sure to click on my witch collection in the sidebar to see some very interesting things!