Saturday, June 27, 2009

Another Little Bear!

This is Taffy ~
her auction ends on July 5th...

I've been playing with my blog again...
(that sounds dirty...LOL)

I've added some beautiful graphics
to the bottom of this blog, so scroll down and see them & their links~

I'll be leaving for CT in the morning...
Here are some things that Hannah & I will be doing while there:

*Visiting the Ocean*
(Hamonnasset State Park in Clinton, Short Beach in Stratford, Shell beach in Guilford...)

*Visiting the ancient graveyards and cemetaries*
(Guilford, Stratford...)

(for foodstuff that we can't get here in VA...
i.e., Brown Bread in the can, Black Olive Bread,
lots & lots of organic foods)

*Visiting the Magick Mirror*
(a New Age/Wiccan shop in Orange, CT....I want to get some herbs and jewelry)

*Toying with the idea of getting another Tattoo*
(a Star? another Bracelet? shall I design my own?)
Hannah says she wants one too...
... wants a small "Peace" sign on her wrist...

*Put my feet up and relax!*


Hoping your Fourth of July Celebrations are Happy & Safe!
See you again soon,



Lisa said...

Love that bear!

Constance said...

Have a great trip!!

Robin said...

Hi Lori, have a great time and be safe. Bring me back a can of bread in a can ? Be safe my friend,

Lori said...

will do Robin! LOL!!!!

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