Thursday, May 14, 2009

a sketchbook....

I have kept a journal of sketches for as long as i can remember...
actually, I keep one in my purse, one on my bedside table,
one in my car, one in my studio and one in my shop ~

never too far away from me, is the ability to jot down a thought or idea.

I usually buy plain or blank sketchbooks (unlined)
and never think much about what the cover may look like...
after all, isn't it the stuff inside the most important?

I thought so at least....but then.....

...I decided to give a brand new,
made-from-recycled papers,
blank kraft paper colored sketchbook a face-lift...
This will hold some of my more "witch-y" sketches,
thoughts and ideas,
so what better way to embellish
than with distressed inks,
photos and stamps?

First, I stamped the book with vines, birds and spider's webs...
then i added a photocopy of one of my beloved antique 'ancestors'...
I glued this on with archival glue-stick, then added black photo-corners.

Next, back to the stamps and ink...
where i randomly stamped words such as
spells, heal, blessings...etc...
and adding the date (numerals).

Then I embellished with old ostrich plume feathers
from a defunct antique hat,
and added a scrap of fabric
from a Victorian Mourning Dress,
held in place with large pearl-headed pins...

I like how it turned out, and will (probably)
add more treasures to it's pages as I'm done sketching pages...

I'll date each page as it becomes finished, and in the future
I'll have a beautiful book of my own ideas and inspirations from which to
Do any of you journal?
Share your creations with me!!!

Blessed be!

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