Friday, March 27, 2009

the stuff of Dreams....

you enter a dark, dusty antiques shop...
on the hunt for whatever finds you first.
there, in the corner...a closed, musty box.
your heart races as you open the top, hoping beyond hope to find a treasure.
a swirl of dust rises through a shaft of light, as you gently, gingerly
reach your hand
of the box...
your shaking fingers come in contact with wood, glass and metal.
you draw in a breath and hold it.
"it is"....
you softly say to yourself.
a box of ancient frames, waiting ....
just waiting.
for you.
as a Needlewoman, Folk Artist and Antiqes collector,
old frames tickle my fancy for sure...
but THESE frames...
frames with hand-carved motifs, gold-gilt liners, and Victorian Metal Filligree...
oh, these frames are destined to become

Theatres of Threade

Wyndows to the Past
Cartouches or Vessels
to hold my most special
Witch Samplers come.....

look for them at the ghoultide gatherings show...
(link on sidebar of this blog)
Blessed be, My Friends~

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clothnclay said...

Isn't it just so neat, when you're in an antique shop and you spy such a treasure? You,(and the owner) know that no one else would give it a first, let alone a second look... Good for you! Looking forward to the wonderful artwork that will be adorned by these frames! Becky