Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Witch's Garden ~

{{photos courtesy of Pinterest}}

Blessed be!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Apothecary ~

Used to be,
that when in need of medicine or beauty products
we would walk to our local Apothecary….

in my mind I imagine them to be dimly-lit & clove-scented ~
quiet, dark & cool...

we would discreetly ask the pharmacist or druggist
for the perfect remedy for our situation…

were you suffering from hysteria? 
bad nerves? baldness perhaps?
was your child unruly, coughing & colic-y?

try this:

beautifully bottled and displayed, but
most medicines contained cocaine, morphine, strychnine…

were you too skinny? 
then you needed:

loverly labels
 a visit to your local apothecary would ensure you a cure for your ailment…

Tooth Powders, Pastes, Rub & Ointments ~ Anchovy Paste too!

in our homes, we would also have 
medicine cabinets
stocked to overfilling with the latest & greatest cure-alls at arms reach…


... long gone are the beautiful Spencerian scripted prescriptions 
penned by our pharmacist's hand ~
today's medications are called in over the phone, emailed or faxed
then bottled up in an amber colored plastic bottle…

be careful with this one….you might either get drunk or die.

Blessed be!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Remember Me ~

When I am Dead
and In the Ground
And all my Bones are Rotten…
Remember Me
when This you See
Lest I should be

the Victorian people celebrated the lives of their beloved deceased
by combining their hair into beautiful wreaths ~

~ Jewelry that contained bits of hair, 
a photograph 
or sentiment of the deceased
was worn in remembrance of them...

Widows would dress in 'Full Mourning' clothes
...for the full first year of their husband's departure ~

Families would often be photographed facing backwards ~
in respect for the belief that your face should not be seen during mourning ~

Strange, but comforting rituals 
that have themselves,
...been laid to rest….

{photographs courtesy of Pinterest}

Blessed be!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Home Sweet Home

A  picture-walk…
visiting the houses that I love.

...come with me, won't you?

beautiful entryway

spider-web door

I love these old Victorian houses ~
they seem familiar to me in some ways…
like I've visited them before ~
…long ago.

ivy & roses…love the witch's hat turret ~

a Grand Painted Ladye ~

slate roof, plum-painted trim work 

 a White Witch's house perhaps?
{I would love to live in it}

my dream house ~
yet, I would want it to be situated right here on our beloved farm place
….that turret would be my sewing room!

 Let's step inside then, shall we?…

perfect front door

 I would light my house with candles and oil lamps only…
{except for one OTT Lamp…I need that to stitch by!!}


I already have my treadle sewing machine….
sewing on it is soothing to me ~


...of course my kitchen would include a wood cook stove!
{I've had lots of practice cooking on one already}
my kettle is always hot…
care for a cup of pine-needle tea?

the heart of the home

 my ceilings would be full of my dried herbs…
{they already are!}
waiting to be used in my cooking and other 'practical' uses, too.

beautiful sunlight

poppy-heads drying, bowls of herbs & spices
….gift from Nature.
 my parlor would be cozy ~
filled with cherished things from long ago…

I have a floor lamp similar to the one to the left of the sofa...

 just the perfect place to hang my hat….


have a magical day my friends ~

{{*All Photos have been borrowed from Pinterest*}}

Blessed be!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Re-visit

Each year, 
I travel back-in-time
my photo albums & computer files ~ my previous creations.

I don't like to be inspired by other folks' work ~
instead, I grow from my own imagination….

here are a couple characters that I've created
which are now happily adopted and living in private collections around the globe:

Black Cat ~ ©Notforgotten Farm

'Pea Pod' ~ ©Notforgotten Farm

Pumpkin Broom ~ ©Notforgotten Farm

'Samuel Toothaker' ~ ©Notforgotten Farm

'Candy Corn' ~ ©Notforgotten Farm

In the past,
I have been blessed to be a participating artist 
in one of the Nation's BEST Hallowe'en extravaganza's ~
the Ghoultide Gathering

can you find me?
I participated in 2009, then again in 2012 ~
it was the most exciting experience ever for me!!!

Although I will not be there in person this year,
I will be there in SPIRIT ~

If you haven't been to this show,
get on that broom and fly as fast as you can this year ~

Blessed be!