Hi Folks! welcome to my 'other' blog!! ... Midnight Farm was created as a place to show my love of Hallowe'en...so you'll see a more "colorful" side to my work here ~ I am a full-time Folk Artist living in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, on an 84 acre farm named Notforgotten Farm... I play in the dirt ~ I collect old and odd things ~ I throw my head back and cackle when I laugh...I celebrate Olde Hallow's Eve everyday...I raise orphaned Opossums and other little creatures that may need a helping hand...I am a Good Witch...I love my family & friends ~ I see the past through the eye of a needle...
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Thursday, August 8, 2013

I'll Fly Away ~

where is my broom...anyway?
...never is it where I left it.
Witch's broom
it has a mind of it's own...
Midnight run at Halloween by *LadyCarnal
has someone else borrowed it?
vintage halloween24
is she a Good Witch like me?
Autumn kitties on witch's broom
or have the kittens found it again...
Vintage witch
"hold still and let me on!"
All Hallow's Evening����(looks like my farmhouse)
"ahhhh....that's better ~"
nothing like the feel of Autumn air in my hair
and the smell of woodsmoke ~
off we go then!
above the farmhouse & woods...
...through the moon's glow and 'round again ~
soaring high & dipping low!!
up above the mustard & crimson maple trees...
tiny Blackbirds ~
follow me!
{{{Pictures courtesy of Pinterest}}}
Blessed be!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Lughnasadh Blessings to YOU!

Happy August!
and a Blessed Lughnasadh to you!
Blessed be!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

~ Portals to AUTUMN ~

stepping through
 any of these magnificently decorated doorways...

and being transported to a Land of Perpetual Autumn ~
would you enter?

...would you leave?

would you find yourself there
as a child again?
running through leaves
bobbing for apples
walking the streets at night
with pillowcase in hand
and wearing a burnt-cork beard
and loosely fitting overalls?
would your days be filled with
pumpkins & gourds
things that go bump
distant fires burning brightly on hilltops?
If it were true...
that I could open any one of these doors
and waiting for me on the other side would be the Autumns from my childhood ~
I would not step lighty in....
I would run full-force
with broad smile and open arms
Hoping for Autumn to catch me
and keep me

...would you
take my hand
and join me?

all pictures courtesy of Pinterest ~
click here to visit my Harvest Tyme board there!!
Blessed be!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Fashionable Witch ~

Living on a farm
 might not be thee proper place
to wear these,
a Witch needs to play dress up sometime!
vintage patent leather button-ups

crushed velvet roses for a midsummers' aft ~

striped stickings....check.
pointy shoes....check.

leopard-print lining ~ tres chic!

out shopping with a friend ~ love the hats.

now these are more my style!
 I know it's only June ~
...but my heart aches for an eternal Autumn.
Blessed be!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

dreaming of Hallowe'en....

a few more photos that I have in my Pinterest folder ~

aren't these just cool??

i can't wait for autumn to come....
Blessed be!